GLB United



GLB  United provides full range of design and engineering, procurement, in-house welded fabrication, modularization, construction, commissioning and start-up, operation and maintenance, and project management services in the following sectors:


Food Supplements

Science-base formulas

We offer quality nutritional supplements that are made from the highest quality ingredients and are based on actual science. Our scientists, analysts, researchers, doctors, nutritionists and many more are all here for one reason. Every supplement, every ingredient and every decision we make is chosen with a better, healthier life for you in mind.


Tourism and Services

Founded in 2017, offering independent hotel owners, investors, developers and operators an effective solution to increase the results and value of their hospitality asset.

With the mission of “making people feel special”, GLB United is pioneering by offering. Its guest the best quality and exclusive services.

Delivering high quality personal service, and leveraging the unique character of independent hotels, we create unique guest experiences, increasing guest satisfaction, and online reputation scores.



We, as the London United Education group, bring together under the same roof the educational institutions that, from the kindergarten on, offer their students.

Nişantaşı University presents London United Education (LUE) that is The First Turkish University in London as a gift for its all students. Students never pay additional charge for this language education and can put theory into practice easily in London. Also, students can meet new people and cultures in a foreign country and learn to be a global citizen.

We, as the London United Education group, bring together under the same roof the educational institutions that, from the kindergarten on, offer their students an accessible and sustainable education environment in which to learn multiculturalism by living; that teach the responsibilities of being a global citizen from the early ages; that offer lifelong educations and trainings to increase their life qualities through the education methods blended with advanced and innovative technologies.

We aim to add to our family the individuals who use their knowledge and skills for the benefit of mankind and make universal contribution to the science, and to become a global centre of education that brings together under the same roof the institutions that monopolize the information and scientific developments in every corner of the world.



GLB UNITED is a registered broker company in order to meet the needs of Turkish army in defense equipment and technology or services.


Real Estate

GLB UNITED is the developer, owner & operator of real estates in İstanbul , Dubai, London including 5 stars Hotels, A-class offices occupied by dozens of international tenants, shopping malls, 5 star luxury hotel, a conference complex.

We operate its real estate developments in Turkey , Dubai and London.


Agriculture Food

Since the foundation of the company in 2007, we have been committed to the development and improvement of a state-of-the-art production function that would provide sustainable premium quality Turkish fresh produce to the international and local markets.

With a clear focus on reducing the impact of farming on the environment, efficiently using water and prioritizing the health and safety of our employees


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